Posted on: February 20, 2008 8:45 pm

Rushing the court unsportsmanlike?

 It seems to be a tradition when a top ranked school goes on the road and plays a team that does not have a single vote in any poll and loses to that unranked school, that the home fans, usually just the students, rush the court in celebration. I notice in the one article about the Memphis and UAB game, that they mentioned I believe Vandy rushed the court after beating Florida last year at Vandy, but then Vandy was fined with unsportsmanlike conduct.

( BTW: I know I am a bit late with this, I was planning on doing this earlier but other things came in the way.)

I never saw rushing the court after an upset as unsportsmanlike, I see it as a celebration, is there any other way to celebrate right after the final buzzer? It seems like any action at a game is unsportsmanlike these days, yelling, cheering, people sitting behind the basket, waving their hands when the opposing team is shooting a basket. Keep this up, and soon basketball will be like tennis or golf, where the crowd has to be quiet, and I can never stand quiet games.

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